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Amazing Agate

Beautiful slices of Agate, showing amazing concentric rings in a variety of stunning colors, polished to a perfect shine.  Our agate slices are always a great conversation starter, or just sit back and behold their beauty as the light shines through these semi-transparent slices of heaven.

Each Agate slice is completely unique and one of a kind.

Tumbled Stones

Sedona Crystal Vortex is known the world over for our generous sampling of tumbled stones of seemingly infinite varieties.  People come from miles around to dip their hands into our bowls of smooth, shining tumbled crystals and let a special stone choose them.

Now you, too, can experience the novelty of choosing a few special stones from our amazing inventory.

Chakra Jewelry

Achieve the beautiful balance of harmony and alignment, and look amazing, too!  Find fabulous Chakra pendants in glittering rainbow colors, starting at under $50.  Chakra Jewelry makes a wonderful gift.

Crystal Pyramids

Crystal Pyramids in a variety of crystals and minerals for every ceremonial application, or to beautifully decorate your special spaces.

Select Pendants

These select, handmade pendants are one of a kind, each created to honor the stone and bless the wearer.  This is the kind of jewelry that put Sedona Crystal Vortex on the map and draws visitors to us every year.

We are thrilled to be able to offer these unique pendants to you through our new online store.

Crystal Hearts

The international symbol of love, a heart can carry the weight of the world.  Our crystal hearts are loving gifts for the ones you adore and a powerful symbol for ceremonies.

Home Decor

From hanging crystal gems that sparkle and shimmer to ornate crystal trees, Sedona Crystal Vortex brings you unique, inspired pieces to adorn and decorate your most sacred of spaces.

Crystal Journey Candles

All of our Crystal Journey Candles are hand crafted using the finest wax, lead-free materials, Reiki Charged, and an exotic blend of essential oils. The strong scent and colorful appearance of our candles are entrancing. We believe all of these factors create a better scented candle with a unique character.

Choose your Crystal Journey Candle now.