Apache Tears

Apache Tears – A popular stone for grief, loss, sadness and pain. The story of Apache tears goes back to when there was a small band of Apache Warriors who were fighting against Western Calvary and found themselves surrounded while standing on the edge of a cliff. Instead of being killed at the sword of the Calvary they chose to sacrifice themselves and jumped off the cliff with their horses and warriors together. When the women of the tribe heard the news they cried with grief and as their tears fell to the ground they turned to stone. Some even say that when you find an Apache Tear they are covered in salt. They are a form of obsidian and help us to release any pain or memory that is no longer serving us, so we can grow and move forward in our lives.

Eases And Releases Pain

Heals Old Wounds And Emotional Baggage From This Life Or A Previous One

Helps To Overcome Barriers

Helps Us Enjoy Physical Experiences And Invites Spontaneity

Ideal Helper For Spiritual Counseling

Sadness and Grief

Self-Limiting Beliefs

Therapy And Meditation

Beautiful Apache Tears Gifts

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