Aventurine – This is a great stone to protect against pessimistic and negative people. It is often worn or kept in the pocket to shield the wearer from other people’s negative thoughts, especially if they are directed at the one who wears the stone. It is helpful for inviting in prosperity, money, adventure and new exciting endeavors. It is often called the Stone of Optimism and encourages the wearer to be lighthearted, open to new things in life and trust in their hearts dreams and desires. It is also very good for healing past love pain and opens one to new love and new relationships.

Aids In Relaxation

Brings Adventure In Love And Travel

Calms And Soothes The Emotions

Good For Creativity

Great For Renewal And Release

Invites Prosperity In

Motivation And Leadership

Prevents Energy Vampirism

Stone Of Optimism

Beautiful Aventurine Gifts

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