Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline – One of the best stones for protection as it repels and protects against negativity. It encourages a positive attitude and increases physical vitality. It is a great stone to protect against psychic attack, and clears negative thoughts and ill wishing against the wearer of the stone. You can put a black tourmaline next to the computer or wear one to minimize the computer’s harmful EMF’s. Another thing you can do with black tourmaline is place it next to your bed if you are being visited at night by entities or having strange and disturbing dreams. It helps to protect your psychic energy field.

Electromagnetic Smog

Encourages Positive Attitude And Altruism

Immune System And Treats Arthritis

Increases Physical Vitality

Protects Against Microwaves

Radiation And Ill-wishing

Repels And Protects Against Negativity

Shamanic Stone

Beautiful Black Tourmaline Gifts

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