Bloodstone – Historically is one of the oldest stones on the planet and has been used by warriors for centuries as a protection stone. It has been used to cleanse and purify the blood and any blood disorders. It is also used to block your own psychic impressions or psychic feelings if they are unwanted. It shuts down the psychic centers allowing you to not be so distracted by external influences. It is a very good grounding stone and was used by the Druids in magical ceremonies to protect against any evil spirits.

Aids Circulation

Eliminates Toxins From The Body

Increases Creativity

It Is An Amulet Of Protection Against Threats Or Bullying Of Any Kind Whether Verbal Or Physical

Kidneys And Bladder


May Be Used To Boost The Immune System

Purifies The Blood

Regulates And Stimulates Blood Flow


Stimulates Dreaming And Heightens Intuition

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