Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite – Traditionally used for relaxation and recuperation from broken bones or surgery. It calms the nerves and lessons physical pain. It helps to soothe anger and promotes peace of mind. You can give it to someone who has had trauma in the throat area from this life or the last. It is also called the stone of negotiators and mediators as it promotes a peaceful agreement under stressful situations. It also promotes speedy healing.

A Deterrent Against Crime When Placed On Inner Window

Allows One To Find A Soft Answer Under Provocation

Brings Peaceful But Creative Dreams Of How To Make Wishes Come True

Excellent For Scrying Work

Good Wish Crystal

Helps To Ward Off Thieves Or Vandals

Keeps The Peace

Promotes Speedy Recovery

Stone Of Negotiators And Mediators

Stone Of Water Nymphs

Beautiful Blue Calcite Gifts

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