Green Calcite

Green Calcite – this is a great stone for growing plants in the garden and in the home. It promotes prosperity, physical health, joy and reduces stress in body and mind. You can add it to your bath to cleanse the aura and is helpful in soothing arthritis and strengthens bones. It clears negativity around the solar plexus chakra and hara line. It detoxifies the meridian system of pollutants and negative emotions. This is a great stone for people suffering from ADD and you can keep in in your pocket or wear around the neck. This stone is also soothing to children and is a welcoming energy for the home.

Cleanses The Body And Your Energy

Detoxifying If Put In The Bath

Eases Away Stress

Great For Plant Growth

Helps With Arthritis And Strengthens Bones

Stone For Meditation

Strengthens The Immune System

Beautiful Green Calcite Gifts

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