Moldavite – Is a high energy vibration tektite. It was formed over 15 million years ago when a meteor hit the Czech Republic. Many people can feel the energy of Moldavite as a rush or pulsing feeling in their palm, heart area or crown of the head. It has been traditionally used as a transformation stone and is beneficial for people going through major changes in their life and need a push to take the leap. Meditating with Moldavite can be an amazing experience as it opens the crown chakra to a higher vibration and quickly aligns the chakras. It is a very powerful energy and is best taken in small doses slowly increasing the time you spend with the stone is best. Once you have your own experience with Moldavite, you will understand more about this stone.

Aligns The Chakras To Balance Them

Ascended Master Connection

Connects To Akashic Records

Extra-Terrestrial Origin

High Vibration

Opens The Heart Chakra For Emotional Healing

Opens To Receive Spiritual Guidance

Useful For Sensitive People And Star Children

Very Rare Stone

Beautiful Moldavite Gifts

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