Prehnite – A stone of wellness that helps with stress reduction. It is a great stone for alleviating nightmares, night terrors and fears. It is a very prophetic stone and induces a deep state of meditation and dream states. It has been used to connect people to mermaids, water devas and dolphin energy. It also helps to access feelings that everything will be ok. It is a wonderful tool for dream recall. Prehnite, Apophylite and Stilbite are synergizing stones that enhance Reiki energy for the giver and the receiver. You can keep them all together in your pocket during the healing session.

Alleviates Nightmares

Can Be Used To Multiply Energy And Enhance One’s Protective Fields

Enhances One’s Ability To Prophesy

Induces A Deep State Of Meditation

Phobias And Deep Fears

Stone Of Dreaming And Remembering

Stone Of Knowing

Beautiful Prehnite Gifts

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