Selenite – This is a popular stone to protect the home from negative energy. You can place it in the corners of the home or individual rooms. It fills the aura with light, clears the auric field and energy bodies. It relieves stress and promotes a peaceful atmosphere and soothes the mind of obsessive thoughts. It is connected to the moon, as its name is derived from Selene, the moon goddess. It loves to be charged up by the light of the full moon, not the sun. Selenite is like sage in a crystal form, you can clear the auric field with a selenite wand just as you would like a sage stick. It is also great for insomnia.

Clairvoyant Insights

Future Hopes

Past Life Memory Recall

Regeneration Of Tissue


Relieves Stress

Will Power

Youthful Appearance

Beautiful Selenite Gifts

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