Shungite – Shungite is only found in the Lake Onega area in Russia and is over 2 billion years old. When placed in water shungite releases fullerenes which can be used to regain and preserve health and well-being on all levels. It is a powerful stone for shielding against radiation and increases vitality when worn or placed in a water gem elixir. It protects one from negativity and brings in spiritual light, acting as a truth serum and not allowing the one wearing it to say words that are not in alignment with their highest good. Shungite is also used to help clear dysfunctional patterns and meditating with Shungite amplifies one’s own inner truth and answers. It is often used to protect against radiation and EMPs.

2 Billion Years Old

Infuses Water With Healing Properties

Only Found At Lake Onega

Promotes Healthy Hair And Skin

Relieves Stress And Increases Energy

Very Effective Shield Against Electro-Magnetic Radiation

Water Purifier

Beautiful Shungite Gifts

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