Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz – A stone for those who are dealing with depression, addictions, obsessions and fears. It teaches one to connect to the earth and ground their energy into their body and earth to release and rebalance them. It is a super antidote to stress on all levels and particularly good for pain relief of hips, legs, lower back and dissolves leg cramps when massaged with a palm stone. It also dissolves negative energy and anger projected at you from others.

Absorbs Electromagnetic Smog

Detoxifies On All Levels

Dissolves Cramps And Strengthens The Back And Lumbar Region

Dissolves Negative Energy

Gently Dissolves Negative Emotions

Good For Hips And Legs

Grounding And Providing A Strong Link With The Earth

Neutralizes Fear Of Failure

Pain Relief

Super Antidote To Stress

Beautiful Smoky Quartz Gifts

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