Tektite – Known for raising one’s vibrations and strengthening the aura making it a wonderful stone for those who are working to spiritually advance in this lifetime. One can work with Tektite during meditation to expand consciousness beyond current limitations and bring deeper insights into current situations or problems. Those who are having trouble with negative entities can use Tektite in their pillowcase to help deter them. Regular work with Tektite can activate and enhance psychic abilities. It is thought to encourage telepathy and can help with lucid dreaming and astral travel. Tektite can sometimes increase the frequency of synchronicities making it helpful for manifestation programs. Those who consistently carry Tektite during their spiritual work may begin to experience a thinning of the veil between dimensions.

Because Of Its Extra-Terrestrial Origins It Is Said To Enhance Communication With Other Worlds

Helps You To Release Undesirable Experiences

Placed On Chakras It Balances The Energy Flow

Strengthens The Biomagnetic Sheath Around The Body And Balances Male-Female Aspects Of Oneself

Tektite Is A Meteorite

Beautiful Tektite Gifts

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