The AURA VIDEO STATION is an Interactive Multimedia Biofeedback System based on the principles of Biofeedback, Color Psychology, Energy and MindBody Medicine.

The AURA VIDEO STATION uses Biofeedback Sensors to measure, analyze and process the biofeedback data of the energetic and activity levels of the client. This bio data is correlated with specific emotional-energetic states and is displayed on the screen. The VISUAL IMAGE (AURA IMAGE in full color and in real time motion) which appears on the Computer Monitor is a representation of your bio-energetic field as it is captured by the Biofeedback Sensors.

The Bio Sensors are connected to your hand and feed back in real-time data to the computer which analyzes and correlates this information. The data is then displayed as a representation of your aura in color and in real-time on the screen as the Aura Image.

 The AURA VIDEO STATION measures your energy & activity. This data is analyzed, processed & correlated with specific emotional-energetic states. What you see is a representation of your own energy – your AURA.

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